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TOP 10 LIST of Job skills New York Employers Want

1 . Intergrity/Honesty

Employees who are trustworthy and can recognize the importance of making work-related decisions based on values. They understand their employer's standards and are empowered to act accordingly.

2. Cooperation

Employees who can work well as a team.

3. Personal Appearance and Hygiene

Employees who maintain acceptable personal appearance and cleanliness in the workplace.

4. Understanding

Employees who can identify and appreciate the needs of a customer or co-worker.

5. Sociability

Employees who are respectful, courteous and cordial to customers and co-workers.

6. Responsibility

Employees who exert a high level of effort and perseverance toward reaching a goal. They become accomplished at all related tasks in the pursuit of excellent customer service.

7. Self-Esteem

Employees who believe in their own self-worth while maintaining a positive self image.

8. Literacy

Employees who meet the basic education requirements of their job, while reading and writing at the level of assigned tasks.

9. Communication

Employees who can share their questions, suggestions and decisions as needed.

10. Courtesy

Employees who can demonstrate acceptable behavior when interacting with customers and co-workers.

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