Pupil transportation is a necessary service and integral part of the total education program. The major objectives of the pupil transportation program are to provide safe transportation, operate an efficient and economical transportation system, adapt transportation to the requirements of the instructional program, and maintain conditions on the buses which are conducive to the best interests of the students.

Have you moved?
If you have moved, please fill out this Change of Address form as soon as possible and return it to the school with proof of residency showing your new address.

Acceptable proofs of residence include:
- Current utility bill
- Updated driver's license or state identification card
- Rental/lease agreement
- Home deed or closing paperwork
- Auto insurance
- Notarized letter from your landlord

If you have any questions regarding what documents qualify as valid Proof of Residency, please call the Registrar's Office at (518) 237-0800 ext. 3314

Once your change of address has been processed with the school, transportation officials will notify you of your new bus stop. We are unable to change bus stops until the Change of Address has been processed

Reporting Concerns

If you would like to notify the district about an incident or concern involving any of the following:

-Student behaviors on the school bus, first notify the driver. If this does not resolve the problem, you may contact the transportation department.
-A bus driver or bus monitor
-Bus routes or stops

The transportation department can be reached at (518) 237-0800 ext. 3310

Bus Routes to and from Waterford-Halfmoon School
Bus routes including pick up, drop off times and bus stops will be mailed home prior to the start of the school year. Many of your transportation questions are answered in the District's Transportation FAQ which may be found by clicking the link in the menu bar on the left side of this page. If you have additional questions, please contact our Transportation Department regarding your child's bus route at (518) 237-0800 ext. 3310.

Transportation Changes
Please review the Transportation FAQ for the District's process related to transportation changes and complete the form below.

School Closings

Please make sure you are signed up for the district's Emergency Phone Notification System so you will get automatic alerts in the event of school closings, delays and early dismissals.  Also, check local radio and TV stations and this website for closing information.

Late Bus Guidelines
1. As there are a limited number of buses for each school, ride times will vary depending on the number of students riding on a given day. In order to minimize ride times, drivers adjust their routing on a daily basis according to student drop-off locations.
2. Students will be dropped off as close as possible to their regularly assigned bus stops only, and are not allowed to be dropped off at places of employment, social events, or other activities.
3. If you have any questions pertaining to late runs, please contact your child's school or the transportation office

Waterford-Halfmoon Middle/High School - 3:20 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Waterford-Halfmoon Elementary School - 3:40 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Animal Characters
Students who attend the elementary school have animal characters to help them identify their buses. The animal character signs are displayed on the right side second window on each bus.

Assigned Seating
The school district reserves the right to assign student seating on school buses for safety, efficiency, and disciplinary reasons. In addition, assigned seating is required on all elementary and middle school buses. Drivers should have assigned seats in place by early October after giving consideration to grade level, compatibility, behaviors, siblings, friends, etc.

Electronic Devices
Many students use electronic devices as part of their daily lives. iPods, handheld games, portable radios, etc., are fun to use and often can make the ride to and from school more enjoyable. Unfortunately, misuse of these items can be detrimental to the safety and well-being of other students and bus drivers. The transportation department will follow these guidelines:

1. Cell phones and other electronic communication devices shall not be used to bully, discriminate, threaten, harass, or denigrate other students or school personnel
2. Devices may not be used while boarding/discharging or crossing, and during emergency situations or school bus safety drills unless authorized by the driver
3. Video/audio recordings and pictures are not allowed to be taken by students riding District buses
4. Laser pointers and other objects that can obstruct or impair the vision of the driver are not allowed to be used on school buses at any time
5. Headphones must be used when listening to music, playing games, or viewing content on devices. For student safety reasons, headphones must be removed when entering/exiting the bus or crossing at bus stops
6. Any devices that are being used inappropriately may be confiscated by bus drivers and returned to students when they depart the bus. If a student continues to use their device inappropriately, a discipline referral may be submitted, and the device may be confiscated and returned only to a parent/guardian
7. The District will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any personal electronic device

Failure to follow these and any bus rules may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Conduct

Transporting Large Items on Buses
For the safety of all students being transported on district school buses, please adhere to the following guidelines when determining if an item can be transported on a school bus:

- Athletic equipment, musical instruments, school projects, or other objects larger than 36 inches (length) by 12 inches (width), by 8 inches (depth) will not be transported
- Skis, ski poles, sleds, skateboards, bicycles, and fishing poles cannot be transported
- All items that are transported on a school bus must be placed on student laps or on the floor within the seat area
- Objects cannot obstruct the aisle, emergency exit, or an adjacent seat where another student may need to sit
- Objects that can obstruct or impair the vision of the driver are prohibited

Dangerous Substances
The Department of Transportation regulations prohibit aerosol cans, glass containers, and flammable substances inside the passenger compartment of school buses. Therefore, students shall not carry these items on school buses at any time. Perfumes and colognes shall also not be discharged on school buses because they can cause an adverse allergic reaction with some individuals.