1:1 Initiative

What is a 1:1 Initiative?

A 1:1 initiative is a technology program/plan in which each student within a class, grade and/or school has their own piece of technology that helps to augment their learning experience. For WHUFSD, we've decided that Google Chromebooks are the ideal devices for helping to educate our students on a universal platform, primarily due to the platform's propensity to foster a collaborative learning environment. 

What are the benefits of the 1:1 Initiative?

As previously mentioned, districts will often adopt a 1:1 Initiative in order to help engage their students while promoting student achievement. With a well implemented 1:1 program, students are all placed on near-equal footing in regards to their technology resources, which allows for a more stable learning experience. With our Chromebook-centric model, we're looking to emphasize collaboration and more interaction between students and staff. The world today is not what it once was, where emphasis was once placed on the individual and their knowledge, it is now placed on being able to work cohesively with one's peers for a common purpose or goal, much like in today's workplace.