December 10, 2020

Board of Education
Waterford-Halfmoon Union Free School District

December 10, 2020
District Facilities Committee Meeting 5:30pm - Library (Virtual)
Regular Meeting 7:00pm - Library (Virtual)


  • Comments from residents and staff regarding items on this evening’s action agenda
  • Comments from Administration


  • District Audit presented by Heather Lewis of Marvin & Company
  • Administrative Review by Courtney Edwards, School Lunch Manager


  • Minutes of the November 19, 2020 Board of Education meeting
  • Warrants and Corresponding Claims Audits
    • General Fund 25 for $36,225.27
    • Special Aid  8 for $158.00
    • School Lunch 7 for $5,101.66
    • General Fund 27 for $323,404.37
    • General Fund 28 for $262,355.43
    • Special Aid 9 for $15,426.12
    • School Lunch 8 for $3,521.50
    • Capital Fund 6 for $53,354.35
  • Extra Classroom Fund Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Appropriations Report
  • Revenue Report


  • Recommend the Board accept the Audit ending June 30, 2020 as presented by Marvin & Company.
  • Review CSE meeting minutes for 11/16/20, 11/16/20, 11/17/20, 11/18/2020, 11/24/20
  • Recommend the Board approve a 2020-2021 transportation contract with WSWHE BOCES for $771.77 to transport various students who attend WSWHE BOCES on related field trips.
  • Recommend the Board approve the updating of the District Academic Calendar to make Friday, January 29, 2021 a full day of school for grades 7-12 due to the cancellation of New York State January Regents testing.
  • Recommend the Board approve the appointment of Anthony Brooks as high school substitute teacher for the 2020-2021 school year; salary per the policy on substitute teacher pay; pending fingerprint approval.
  • Recommend the Board accept the resignation of Amy Atwood, Hall Monitor, effective November 30, 2020.
  • Recommend the Board approve the following elementary substitute teachers for the 2020-2021 school year; salary per the policy on substitute teacher pay; Crystal Alesio, Jon Bessett, Diana Buffa, Faith Caster, Bryana Eves, Haley French, Brian Halliday, Kerri LeMay, Alexis Leuci, Williams Lindau, Megan Moran, Akila Morris Smith, Jessica Mosher, Samantha Myers, Joseph Palladino, Ghazala Shahid, Sarah Webber, Ashley Williams
  • Recommend the Board declare as surplus 23 risers with carts to be sold.


  • First Quarter Jr/Sr High Honor and Merit Rolls
  • Enrollment Report

2020 WHUFSD ECAF FS Final.pdf
2020 WHUFSD ECAF Mgmt Ltr Final.pdf
Audits (2) 12-10-20.pdf
Audits 12-10-20.pdf
Capital Fund H-6 12-02-20.pdf
Enrollment Report 12-10-20.pdf
Extra Classroom Fund 12-10-20.pdf
General Fund A-25 11-18-20.pdf
General Fund A-27 12-02-20.pdf
General Fund A-28 12-03-20.pdf
November Appropriation Status.pdf
November Revenue Status.pdf
November Treasurer's Report.pdf
School Lunch C-7 11-18-20.pdf
School Lunch C-8 12-02-20.pdf
Special Aid F-8 11-18-20.pdf
Special Aid F-9 12-02-20.pdf