Special Class/BOCES

When the services at the home school have been deemed inappropriate to address the student’s educational needs, the CSE recommends placement in a BOCES special class. Many of these placements occur in component school districts or specific settings that include a wider range of supports; every effort is made to minimize the student’s travel time. While we try to employ the services of the WSWHE BOCES, at times we cross contract with Albany/Schenectady/Schoharie BOCES due to distance or lack of availability of appropriate placements. These classes are organized according to specific ratios of students to adults depending on the level of the students’ needs. Many of the 12:1:1 classes offer enhanced basic skill acquisition to those students with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, while programs with an 8:1:2 ratio may be designed for students with more intense emotional needs. Classes with 12 students, one teacher and 4 aides/assistants address the needs of more severely disabled students with greater physical and/or management needs. In each case, the CSE recommends the program best suited to the individual student’s needs.