Response to Intervention

Waterford-Halfmoon UFSD has begun to use a Response to Intervention approach to meeting students’ individual needs for reading and math instruction in the elementary school. We provide research-based instructional methodologies in classrooms to all students. Three times per year, a brief measure of progress is administered to all students to determine if they are following the expected trajectory for successful academic achievement. If a weak area is identified, additional supports are put in place to address the specific need area. Depending on the severity of the weakness, this could take the form of more frequent progress monitoring or an actual service, such as remedial reading, remedial math, or recommendation for another form of Academic Intervention Services. These services target needed skills and provide the opportunity for the student to increase the pace of his or her learning in order to achieve proficiency.

Problem-solving teams exist at the elementary level (Instructional Support Team) and Jr. High/HS level (Student Support Team) to address specific student issues. This approach acknowledges that students learn differently and may need different types of instruction to be successful.