Medication Policy

If a child must receive medication during school hours, New York State law requires that the school nurse must have a written order from a physician and a parent written request to give the child the medication. 

Parents must deliver the medication to school (no medications should be brought on the bus with students). Students are never to keep medications of any kind (this includes cough drops and aspirin) on them or in any of their belongings unless a self medication form has been completed by the parent and physician for age appropriate students.

Medications Administered at School Must Include:

  • The written order of your physician specifying diagnosis, medication, (possible side effect), dosage, frequency and the time for giving this medication.
  • The written request of the parent, requesting that school personnel administer the medication as ordered.
  • The original, labeled bottle from the pharmacy that indicates date, name of child, name of physician, medication dosage and frequency. You might want to ask the pharmacist for a second bottle for school so that medication can be left in school and not be transported daily.

Medications Administered on Field Trips 

School Personnel, other than the nurse, are not allowed to dispense medication. If your child is on a daily medication, please contact the nurse to discuss how this will be handled when the class has a scheduled field trip.

‚ÄčPhysician's Order for Medication.pdf