Elementary Student Council Organizes Fundraiser

Elementary Student Council Organizes Fundraiser
Posted on 04/19/2023

After a successful fundraising campaign for the Make-A-Wish Foundation during the winter holidays, the Waterford-Halfmoon Elementary School Student Council has a new project that needs support.

Students on the Elementary School Student Council are holding a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Throughout the month of April, students have been selling cutouts of shoes for $1 each, with the goal of selling enough shoes to wrap around the hallways of the school. Faculty advisor Erin McBride is helping organize the fundraising campaign, and credits her students with their ability to support organizations that have a direct impact on the lives of fellow classmates.

“It’s inspiring to see the desire our students have for supporting others in the community,” said Mrs. McBride. “We have elementary-aged students currently living with diabetes, and our Student Council wanted to make sure the fundraiser they organized could benefit a cause that impacts one of their peers.”

The Student Council is in charge of selling the cutout shoes, using the morning announcements to get the message out about their availability and using their lunch periods to sell the shoes to anyone that wants to contribute. Councilmembers are also responsible for selling at least five cutouts outside of school to help encourage the entire community to participate in the fundraiser. Mrs. McBride says it’s inspiring to see the students lead the charge on the fundraising efforts.

“It’s helping teach the students responsibility and compassion,” Mrs. McBride said. “You don’t have to ask our students to lead by example. It’s something they want to do and look forward to doing on their own. We will always support their efforts and be available to them in any way we can, but they really do want to be the leaders and be the ones doing the heavy lifting.”

Students will also participate in Spirit Week activities to help encourage donations. This is the second time the Student Council has organized a benefit on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The Student Council usually holds two or three fundraisers each year to help organizations that support members of the Waterford community. Last year, students helped organize a fundraiser on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House.