Delivering Love This Valentine's Day

Delivering Love This Valentine's Day
Posted on 02/07/2023

Valentine’s Day can be a busy time of year for students and teachers alike. It’s also a popular time for in-class arts and crafts assignments that take on a holiday theme. However, it can be hard for teachers to find the time to buy the supplies they need to make their lesson plans a reality.

This year, Christina Falasco’s Life Skills Program students are stepping up to lend a helping hand. Similar to the program’s Thanksgiving outreach initiative, the class is volunteering its time to pick up items teachers may need for their classroom during their adaptive living skills lessons.

“Our students spend part of their Wednesdays traveling to Walmart and practicing their grocery shopping skills,” said Mrs. Falasco. “They get an opportunity to identify items they need to buy, use the self checkout, and pay for their groceries. This Valentine’s Day delivery service helps our students prepare for life outside of the classroom, all while helping our school community get the items they need this time of year.”

Life Skills Program shopping

The trips to Walmart are part of the job skills training students participate in on a weekly basis. Students enrolled in the program also take part in cooking lessons, budgeting workshops, and hygiene tips. Mrs. Falasco also wants her students to be more involved in the school community.

“The students deliver everything they purchase at Walmart directly to the class and teacher who requested it,” said Mrs. Falasco. “It helps our students meet more people and build more relationships.”

Life Skills Program delivery

The Life Skills Program has also volunteered to organize the high school’s lost and found. Students organize the items that have been collected outside the principal’s office, take pictures, and then share those pictures with administrators to post on social media.

The program currently hosts two students each day, and Mrs. Falasco believes that her students are getting the preparation they need for life outside of school.

“I’m really proud of the work this program has done to help students receive a balance of functional, traditional classroom learning and real life experiences. I want our students to have confidence in themselves and be ready for anything life throws their way.”

Order forms for the Valentine’s delivery service are available in Mrs. Falasco’s room. Students will collect the order forms, stay within the budget of the order, and deliver the goods directly to the teacher who made the request. All deliveries are completed on Wednesdays.