Art Class Molding Their Own Gifts

Art Class Molding Their Own Gifts
Posted on 12/07/2022
Few gifts can be as meaningful as a homemade gift children bring home to their family for everyone to enjoy.

This year, fourth graders are getting the opportunity to create small pots that they will complete before winter break. The program is being organized and run by elementary school art teacher Tanya Cole and visiting artist Dawn Dishaw.

Students working on ceramic pots

Mrs. Dishaw runs the Afternoon School Arts Program in Round Lake, which welcomes students from across the region looking to explore their interest in art and ceramics outside of school.

Mrs. Dishaw and Mrs. Cole helping students work

The program with Waterford-Halfmoon fourth graders will wrap up with students getting to build their own clay pots. Those pots will also include individually-designed prints that were hand painted by students and plastered onto the finished bowls.

Students hard at work