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 List of Local Counseling Providers if you feel you need out extra help outside of school.

Safety and Crisis Resources​​ â€‹if you need immediate assistance.

Requesting an Official College Transcript for UHS and CHS Courses

If you have taken any UHS or CHS courses at Waterford-Halfmoon, you will need to request an official transcript directly from the college that the course was sponsored through (either SUNY Albany or HVCC). The links below will take you to each college that Waterford currently offers courses through. It is your responsibility to contact the college or university directly and have them send a transcript of your grades to the college you will be attending. The guidance office cannot do this for you, due to federal privacy laws. Please be aware that there are sometimes fees associated with these requests, as well as minimum turnaround times. 

Courses Offered:

SUNY Albany
Office of the Registrar
(518) 442-5540

Precalculus (AMAT 100)
Calculus (AMAT 112)
College Spanish (ASPN 103)
College English (Reading Literature AENG121E)


Hudson Valley Community College
Office of the Registrar
(518) 629-4574

Elementary Statistics (MAT 108)
Business Communications (BADM 200)
Interpretations of American History 1 & 2 (HIST 110 and HIST 111)

The New York State 2017 Series Scholarships for Academic excellence will once again be awarded this year. Information about the scholarships is available here:

The selection criteria for the nominees is listed below:

Regents Test Scores

  • English - weight of 3
  • Trig or Math - weight of 3
  • Global Studies - weight of 1
  • U.S. History - weight of 1
  • 2 Science Exams - weight of 1 for each course

New Student Registration for 2019-2020

Information packets and forms for registration are located under the forms and publications tab under the guidance website. These materials are also available in the guidance office. Please contact the office with any questions or to make an appointment to register (518) 237-0800 ext. 3710.

To obtain Working Papers:

Only fill in the part I. If a Waterford-Halfmoon student has had a physical with in the last 12 months and it is filed with the nurse's office, you will not need to bring in proof of physical. Proof of physical is required for all non-students.

Please call Guidance Office for more information. 237-0800 ext.3314

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