BOE Goals

Waterford-Halfmoon Union Free School District

Goals 2019-2020

Facilities Planning

  • Develop, adopt and present a new Phase II Capital Project with a successful community Capital Project referendum vote set for December 2019.
  • Investigate the viability of a small Capital Project($100,000) for the 2020-2021 school year that addresses specific facility needs.
  • Support the implementation of the Smart Schools Bond Act and Smart Schools Investment Plan to upgrade the current Smart Boards to Flat Panels.
  • Provide the highest quality service, maintenance, and cleaning of all campus buildings and grounds to support the learning environment for all students and staff K-12.
  • Improve the signage on campus to better inform the public of the location of all aspects of the campus including sports fields, building access, and parking lot traffic flow.

Policy and Programs

  • Continued improvement and strengthening of student achievement and educational programs including all students having literacy skills on or above grade level in all curriculum areas as well as a cohort graduation rate that exceeds 90%.
  • Ongoing support both philosophically and financially to foster respect and responsibility with all students through continued implementation of schoolwide character education programs.  Specifically for 2019-2020, the Board will support building level mental health programming that supports the social and emotional well-being of our student body.
  • Support ongoing professional development that directly impacts student achievement. Specifically the Board will support focused professional development that will provide training to teaching staff on the adoption of the Next Generation Learning Standards for all content areas.
  • Provide the highest quality transportation service for the school community for the safe and efficient transport of all students to and from the District.
  • Continued focus and support of new initiatives in the school’s cafeteria program that lead to improved food quality, increased food item options, and quality food service.
  • Support the increased engagement of students into the Arts including music and theater starting with a focus at the fourth grade level.

Public Relations and Communication

  • Adopt and present a budget that will provide our students with a strong educational program that is fiscally responsible and will be approved by the voters in May 2020 along with making every effort to stay within the NYS Property Tax Cap.
  • Review and plan for the strengthening of the district’s financial standing as we look to the future and the potential for varied economic climates.
  • Involve all our district stakeholders in supporting our students and our school through open, ongoing, and proactive communication. Specifically the District will work to inform the community of all District events through various media channels to help publicize all school activities.


Board of Education Committee Chairs and Liaisons
Technology: Jack Catanzarita

Finance: Marcia Ricci, David Lee, Tammi Dehler, Jamie Maloney, Jack Catanzarita, Carolyn Bell, Denise Carutasu

Facilities: Jack Catanzarita, David Lee

Youth Council: Denise Carutasu

Senior Citizens: Jack Catanzarita

Village Board: Jamie Maloney, Denise Carutasu

Legislative Liaison: Carolyn Bell

Saratoga County School Board Association:   Marcia Ricci, David Lee

Town Board: Jamie Maloney, Denise Carutasu

Curriculum Cabinet: Tammi Dehler, Marcia Ricci

NYSSBA Delegate: Marcia Ricci