From the Superintendent's Desk

District voters approved the 2019 - 2020 school budget.  On behalf of the Board of Education we sincerely thank the community for their continued support. 

The budget continues to support student achievement and improvements to the K-12 campus. The budget includes a $100,000 Small Capital Project that continues our work of making our campus safe for students and staff.  This project plans to replace existing old doors and add intruder resistant door hardware to make for a safer environment for all. The budget also includes a second high school course elective at the high school in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The new CISCO class offers high school students opportunities in computer networking. An elementary classroom teaching position will be added to accommodate an additional elementary class section next year.  Monies will also be used to purchase new science kits and materials to address the new Next Generation Science Standards.  The district will also replace one of its mini buses with a smaller mini-van/Suburban type vehicle to provide a more cost effective transportation program for a number of students.  Learn more about all the specifics of the 2019-2020 budget on our district website.
The $21,196,493 budget calls for a 0.46% spending increase and a tax levy increase set at 1.79%, which is below the district's maximum allowable tax cap of 2.47%.  This means, if the budget is approved, homeowners who qualify, will again be eligible for the state's property tax relief credit. Tax rates for individual properties will be determined over the summer once equalization rates and assessments, which are set by the Town's assessor's office, are available for the Towns of Waterford and Halfmoon.  

During the budget development process, the priority was to maximize opportunities that support student achievement and maintain the programs and facilities of the district. This was done by examining all areas of the budget for potential cost containment or savings.  
Two candidates, Denise Carutasu and Tammi Dehler, were elected to serve three-year terms starting on July 1, 2019 and expiring on June 30, 2022.

The results of the straw poll were overwhelmingly positive in support of the potential for developing a new capital project. In answering
the question, "Would you support a new capital project if it maintained a minimal tax impact?", 114 people answered yes, 5 people answered no, and 10 more did not answer the question.  The District's Board of Education Facilities Committee will begin to analyze the results of the straw poll and continue planning for a new capital project.
The Board of Education is focused on providing a well rounded, challenging academic environment for all students, in a safe and well-maintained facility while being fiscally responsible to the community. We are thankful for your support as we continually strive to achieve these high standards through innovative and creative uses of our resources.  


Patrick Pomerville

Superintendent of Schools